"Minister of National Education Ziya Selçuk and Minister of Justice Abdulhamit inaugurated the Justice Vocational Training Center at Sincan Correction Campus which is the first justice vocational training center opened inside a prison in order to give formal training to prisoners."

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Minister of National Education Selçuk reminded that they have signed a protocol with the Ministry of Justice on March 9 for "Cooperation for Education and Training" that allows the opening of high school and vocational trainings centers in prisons. Expressing his happiness due to opening of Justice Vocational Training Center, Selçuk said this center is the first of its kind in the history of correction institutions.
Noting that the center will provide training in 15 branches of 9 professions, Selçuk stressed that they will award certificates to those who successfully complete the training programs and these certificates will give the inmates the opportunity to work in various branches. Minister Selçuk stressed that a total of 467 inmates and prisoners can apply for the training and it is important to train inmates and prisoners to have a profession.  
Selçuk said, "The Ministry of National Education aims at carrying the vocational training to a higher level in line with the 2023 Education Vision. This year, 41 percent of secondary school graduate students enrolled in vocational and technical Anatolian High Schools. Ratio of students who enrolled in one of their first three choices in vocational schools rose to 82 percent."
Ziya Selçuk stressed that the number of students enrolled in vocational schools increased by 40 percent when compared with the figures of the last year. Noting that accession to education is the right of every citizen regardless of their place of residence, Selçuk stated they have been cooperating with the Ministry of Justice in order to disseminate training services in prisons.
A model for Turkey
Meanwhile, the Justice Minister Abdulhamit Gül said the Justice Vocational Training Center will be an example for Turkey. Noting that the goal of the protocol signed with the Ministry of National Education is to reintegrate ex-prisoners to society, Gül stated that a total of 10 thousand and 833 inmates and prisoners have entered the Higher Education Institute exams this year and a total of 58 thousand and 481 people enrolled in education institutions after they were prisoned. 
Gül said that they have scored important achievements in allowing ex-prisoners to have a profession and added that inmates and prisoners have produced 24 million masks and 110 tons of cologne as a part of fight against the new type coronavirus (Covid-19).
Noting that those who complete their training at the center will receive a diploma, Minister Gül stated that they are planning to open 101 independent vocational training centers and 216 affiliate vocational training units in prisons. Gül said that they are aiming at completing this project until the end of 2023 adding that it is important to allow the integration of ex-prisons to public.
Following the speeches, Ministers Selçuk and Gül visited the Justice Vocational Training Center and talked with the inmates who will take training at the center.

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