Minister of National Education Ziya Selçuk said holiday books entitled, "Buddy" will be delivered to 5 million 230 thousand students enrolled in approximately 22 thousand 700 schools

Minister Selçuk has attended the promotion meeting of "Buddy" a holiday book prepared for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade students. 
Stressing that EBA has managed to become shot up to 3rd rank among the most used education web sites of the world due to immense interest and clicks of students, parents and teachers, Minister Selçuk said that the process was planned in great detail. Selçuk stated that "Buddy" holiday books for primary school students is very original adding that, "We will send this book to almost all primary school students. 5 million 230 thousand students enrolled in approximately 22 thousand 700 schools will receive this book." Noting that the Ministry is aiming at showing the relationship between the lessons in the curriculum and real life by using this book, Selçuk stated that Buddy holiday books will address to different age groups. Minister Selçuk said that the main subject of the holiday book for 1st grade students is "games" and "friends" while for 2nd grade students the holiday book focuses on "social life". The holiday book for 3rd grade students highlights "curiosity" and "adventure" and the main issue for the 4th grade students is developing "communication" skills.
First grade students will get to learn geometric figures from the holiday book
Minister Selçuk said that holiday book for first grade students will teach punctuation marks by finding hidden marks in a puzzle, children skipping rope will learn rhythmic counting, counting-out game will teach children spelling. Children playing categories will have the chance to repeat the alphabet. Children playing hot and cold will learn antonyms. Children playing hopscotch will make sentences and they will get to learn geometric figures while playing puss in the corner."
Noting that importance of relations with people, cooperation, giving presents, four operations, direction and location concepts, money saving and sense of responsibility are the main issues of the holiday book for the second grade students, Minister Selçuk went on to say that, "A hero in the holiday book for 3rd grade students is sitting under a cherry tree. He revises the whole school year under that tree. How does he do that? He starts to learn nature, calculates the age of the tree, and uses the shadow of the tree. He learns some branches need to be trimmed. He draws pictures with the falling leaves and trimmed branches. He collects the fruit of the tree. He bakes pie and calculates the mass of the pie.  He weights the cherry he collected and then distributes some of them to his friends and sells the rest in order to learn how to earn money."
The hero of the holiday book for 4th grade is "clumsy" and "funny"
Minister Selçuk, said there is a hero who is clumsy and funny in the holiday book for 4th grade students adding, "There is a child in the book who acts according to the imagination and direction of the author. Children will have the opportunity to explore the power of writing, express their feelings, and make budget calculations, how to cooperate with others, use of four operations to solve math problems in real life". Minister Selçuk said the holiday books aim at offering an integrated approach to all children who are studying in the same grade by using the stories of a single child. "This approach will allow children to learn about real life by telling stories and make comparison between the story in the book and their own life stories. There are dozens of fun missions about life at the end of every book such as fly a kite, make seed box, learn how to make pickles, build a bird feeder and grow corn. Children will carry out these duties in daily and weekly basis and actually learn subjects in their curriculum. Summer holidays are usually considered as free time but we do not think like this."
Following the launch, Minister Selçuk chatted with two 4th grade students via video conference about the "Buddy" holiday book.  
Books will be sent to schools and they will be distributed to students starting from July 15. Parents will be able to deliver holiday books from schools.
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