Upon Minister of National Education Ziya Selçuk's call to his colleagues, teachers from 81 cities of the country started to organize digital parent teacher meetings. Teachers make suggestions in order to support parents during this new period and parents share their experiences. 

Since the first day of distance education period which began as a part of the coronavirus measures, the Ministry of National Education planned to spread psychosocial support education to all stake holders during this process that affected everyone.

Different psychosocial support tools for children, for young people and for parents were put into use separately. 

In addition to these tools, the Ministry started to stage digital parent teacher meetings in parts of Turkey. From Mardin to Denizli, from Balıkesir to Kahramanmaraş, from Malatya to Erzincan, parents from 81 cities of the country sit in front of the computer where their children sat for 8 weeks in order to meet teacher.

The call came from the Minister of National Education Ziya Selçuk. Noting the importance of parent teacher meetings during his digital meetings with his colleagues, Minister Selçuk said, "Parents have the prior responsibility in the education of their children during this period. They are really exhausted. During this period, we initiated many support activities such as call centers, guides, EBA TV Parent Hour. I know that you have constant phone contacts with parents. But it is time to hold parent teacher meetings. Please, start organizing online meetings with parents."

Teachers immediately responded to Minister Selçuk's call and they started to hold meetings with parents. Following topics were discussed during these meetings:

- How to support social-emotional position of students, how to keep their motivation high and duties of parents during this process,
- Importance of healthy communication between school principals, teachers, students and parents during the pandemic process,
- Expectations of parents from schools and teachers during the distance education process,
- Role of parents in preventing children's possible technology addiction during the distance education process,
- Information necessary to reduce all kinds of worries of children to a minimum,
- Importance of student participation to EBA TV and live classroom applications,
- Study strategies, personal/group guidance services and information about the health of students,
- Exam stress of students who will enter exams and information about the exams.
Moreover, teachers gave information about education materials used during this process, reopening of schools and possible remedial education as well as contents of lessons.

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