Minister of National Education Mahmut Özer addressed teachers and school administrators through the Education Information Network (EBA) on the occasion of the beginning of the 2021-2022 School Year Work Schedule."

Minister of National Education Mahmut Özer stated in his speech through EBA on the occasion of the beginning of the study period that our education community has been passing through an unusual hard period like the entire world and went on to say: "Recently when the entire world is trying to maintain its balance again and slowly passing to a 'normal' life, we are on the verge of starting face-to-face education.
Education is among the fundamental needs of children. I would like to stress that we have taken all necessary measures and completed all required preparations concerning this process which cannot be delayed any longer. I would like to express that we work with heart and soul to make your hard and sacred mission easier."
"You have to be more careful and more responsible until life goes back to normal again," said Minister Özer adding that: "I know that teaching is a profession that comes from the heart. You have already undertaken this responsibility in order to shed a light to the lives of our children. Your students have missed teachers just like you missed them. Even though we have taken important steps in digital education, it is not possible to compare it to the value of teaching children while looking into their eyes.
Due to this reason, we have prepared a training program which will be useful for you while managing this sensitive transition process."
Minister Özer stated that the three day study period for teachers will include "Reinforcement of Psychological Strength in the Aftermath of Pandemic and Supporting Children's Orientation to School", "Psycho-education Programs concerning Pandemic" and "Measures Taken during Covid-19 Pandemic" training programs.
Özer stated, "I have full confidence that you will display an outstanding effort to provide a bright future to our children. I wish success to each one of you."

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