Minister of National Education Ziya Selçuk answered questions about important topics concerning education during a live TV news program.

Minister of National Education Ziya Selçuk answered questions on important topics concerning education during the "Tarafsız Bölge (Neutral Zone) live news program on CNN TV hosted by journalist Ahmet Hakan.
First week of face to face education
Answering a question about the beginning of face to face education, Minister Selçuk said that he had visited many cities and provinces during the first week of the face to face education and had the opportunity to make observations during these visits.
"Attendance to face to face education exceeded 80 percent among primary and secondary school students. Attendance of high school students were relatively less, it was 74 percent. Face to face education is not obligatory. But these attendance figures revealed that parents wanted to send their children to school. My observations concerning the first week was very positive," stated Selçuk.
"Now, it is time for on-site decision making"
When it was asked what would happen in case of an increase in the corona virus patients, Selçuk stressed, "Last year in March, we defined three scenarios namely, partial education, partial close down and total close down. The Coronavirus pandemic forced us to design a third scenario. Now, it is time for on-site decision making. Offices of Governors may take local decisions by consulting with provincial health boards according to the Coronavirus figures".
"More than 80 thousand teachers got Coronavirus vaccination"
Pointing out that his Ministry had submitted a list about the vaccination of 1 million and 259 teachers and school personnel to the Ministry of Health, Selçuk said that more than 80 thousand teachers received the Coronavirus vaccination. The vaccination process will gain speed when the supply process escalates."
"We are trying to minimize the risk"
Selçuk noted that literature on the issue shows that children under 10 who are going to school have lower risk of transmitting Covid-19 disease to their classmates while the risk of Covid-19 transmission risk between teachers is high.
Stressing that the Ministry has decided to open face to face education for primary and secondary school students, Selçuk said that they did not take such a decision for high school students and teachers who are above 65 and who have chronic diseases are not coming to school in an effort to minimize the risk.
"No spring break"
Answering a question about the spring break, Minister Ziya Selçuk stated, "There was a three week long break in the February. There will be no spring break this year and we are planning to close the schools on July 2."
Report cards
Selçuk also mentioned report cards adding that they will set a certain date for report card distribution.
"We will wait for exam results. High school students did not receive any report cards, yet. We must follow the process and make our decisions accordingly."
Teacher appointments
Selçuk also gave information about teacher appointments during the live news program.
Noting that the Ministry is working in an effort to make more appointments, Selçuk stated, "We are asking an increase in the number of appointment quota for our Ministry at Cabinet meetings and during our contacts with the Ministry of Finance. Decisions about appointment do no only belong to our Ministry."
"Click rate of EBA reached 18 billion"
Minister Selçuk said that click rate of Education Information Network has reached 18 billion adding that it is the most popular education website in the world.
He also stated that TRT EBA channels have special programs for parents and it is aired three times a week.
"EBA application was downloaded to 28 million android phones and 3 million IOS operating system phones. We have achieved the education transformation," said Selçuk.
Noting that the Ministry has opened 10 thousand workshops for students and the goal is to open 100 thousand workshops about automation, robotics, music, drama, poetry, Selçuk said that the Ministry wants students to learn in workshops in addition to classrooms.
"School year may end on July 2"
Selçuk stressed that Turkey is among five most successful countries of the world in terms of education activities during the pandemic.
"We are planning to give report cards on July 2 but it is not possible to predict what will happen later in this pandemic," he added.

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