Minister of Education Yusuf Tekin attended the Provincial Education Evaluation Meeting held in Eskişehir.

Visiting the Governor of Eskişehir Hüseyin Aksoy for the first time as part of the Eskişehir program, Minister Tekin said that there is a short time left for the opening of the 2023-2024 school year.
Expressing that they are working intensively as the Ministry, Minister Tekin said that the administrators in the central organization are making efforts regarding the measures to be taken in the provinces.
Noting that he also visited Eskişehir as part of this intensive effort, Tekin stated that the number of classrooms in Eskişehir increased from 4 thousand 130 to 8 thousand 292 in the last twenty years.
Stating that the number of classrooms in Eskişehir has doubled in nearly two decades, Minister Tekin said that the number of teachers, which was 6 thousand 468 in the 2002-2003 academic year, increased to 13 thousand 135. Underlining that such major changes in education statistics and indicators in an average Western country are described as a revolution, Minister Tekin stated that the number of students per classroom in primary and secondary education is around 22. Noting that the number of students per teacher is 15 in primary schools, 12 in secondary schools and 11 in secondary education institutions, Minister Tekin emphasized that these indicators are highly good for the country. Thanking the governors, provincial directors of national education and politicians who contributed to these developments, Minister Tekin also thanked the former Minister of National Education Nabi Avcı for his efforts and contributions to this process.
Minister Tekin stated that one of the most important problem in Eskişehir is the number of schools in the central Tepebaşı and Odunpazarı districts.
Explaining that they will work on this issue, which they put on their agenda, Tekin insisted that the interested parties in the local administrations produce land so the Ministry can invest, meet the needs of the schools and do what needs to be done as the local administration.
Emphasizing that he did not mention any political party or alliance on this matter, Tekin stated that they generally asked all local administrators in the country to support this process.
Stating that among 81 provinces in Türkiye, only the Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality has left the Ministry in a difficult situation regarding the cases of confiscation without expropriation in the education areas used by the Ministry, Minister Tekin asked local administrators to support the works done by The Ministry if they want to see better statistics, figures and quality in the education process in Eskişehir. Reiterating that, as the Ministry, they were disturbed by the local administrators initiating legal processes regarding the immovable properties under the use of the Ministry, Minister Tekin emphasized that they are working for the school and education needs of the children as well as for the improvement of the education and training environments without refraining from any sacrifice, upon the instruction of President Erdoğan. The Minister said that the local administrators should contribute to the efforts of the Ministry regarding the improvement of education and training processes, if they have good intentions.
Governor of Eskişehir Hüseyin Aksoy, Eskişehir PM Ayşen Gürcan, Director General of the Personnel Bülent Çiftçi, the Head of Strategy Development Department Ercan Türk, Director General of Construction and Real Estate Özcan Duman, Director General of Support Services Ömür Karakullukçu, Director General of Teacher Training and Development Cevdet Vural, Provincial Director of National Education Sinan Aydın and other irrelevant persons attended the meeting.

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