The Minister of National Education Yusuf Tekin attended the "Kocaeli Robotic Coding Workshops Project (KODELİ) Award Ceremony" held at Kocaeli Congress Center.

Stating that the education system is constantly developing and revised, Minister Tekin said that as the Ministry, they follow the current developments.
Stating that they follow technological developments, natural change and transformation processes and the process of change in social sciences, Tekin stated that it is necessary to talk about the natural gas and oil reserves in different provinces of Türkiye. Reminding that the geographical borders around the country and the names of the countries have changed, Minister Tekin pointed out that if they do not mention these developments, children will be given incomplete information.
Pointing out that many historical events took place in the twenty-year period, Minister Tekin pointed out that failing to revise and include the developments in the curriculum will cause incompetence.
Noting that the physical structures of education have also changed in addition to its content, Tekin noted that they tripled the classroom and building stock compared to 2002, appointed teachers 3.5 times the classroom capacity and made efforts to improve physical conditions.
Expressing that the Fatih Project is not a computer project, Tekin announced that since the Fatih Project started across Türkiye, they have met the smart board needs of 580 thousand classrooms and provided classrooms with access to the internet infrastructure that can use smart boards. Stating that they provide internet access service and installed smart boards, Minister Tekin said that they will distribute 620 thousand smart boards in total by replacing the smart boards that have started to reach the end of their technological life by the end of the year. Drawing attention to the importance that President Erdoğan attaches to education, Minister Tekin said that they established information technology laboratories in nearly 2 thousand schools, renewed the IT classes and implemented the innovative classrooms project. Emphasizing that they are doing their best to ensure that children can benefit from the installed blackboards and internet access, Minister Tekin said that they continue similar processes for teachers.
Minister Tekin stated that they created another infrastructure called Teacher Information Network (ÖBA) for teachers which is similar to the Education Information Network (EBA) they established for students.
Expressing that the world is changing very quickly, Tekin said that they make decisions about all 76 thousand institutions within the Ministry. Underlining that the needs of a school at the back of beyond are not the same as the needs of a school in the center of Kocaeli, the Minister noted that they need the support of local administrators and local administrative authorities.
The coding workshops established at the Martyr Murat Tevlim Anatolian Imam Hatip High School in Darıca and Yahya Kaptan Secondary School in Izmit, were opened through a video conference.  Minister Tekin and the protocol members gave awards to the students who were successful in the competitions held within the scope of the KODELİ Project.
Visiting the Gebze TÜBİTAK Science High School and meeting with the teachers in the teachers' room, Minister Tekin attended the flag ceremony held at the school on the last of the school week.

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