"Minister of National Education Ziya Selçuk announced that first grade teachers and school administrators will start to organize online meetings with parents before the beginning of face to face education set for September 21."

Minister Selçuk pointed out that uncontrolled transition in life due to pandemic causes fear and anxiety adding that both children and parents are also suffering from fear and anxiety. Underlining that new normal that will be established by taking necessary measures will reduce concerns and children will start to feel more secure accordingly, Minister Selçuk said that preparations for face to face education set for September 21 still continues and a new process will begin for parents, too.
Minister Selçuk stated that daily schedule of parents will change as students will continue to take distance education during some days of the week and went on to say that: "Due to this reason, school and family relationship becomes more important than ever. Some parents may want to learn about the hygiene level of the schools and want to see measures on site while some others may want to have distant but constant communication with school administration.
With this purpose, starting from this week, parents will have the opportunity to have distance online meetings via phones or internet with school administrators. These meetings may be personal or organized in groups and parents will take detailed information about every subject. Important thing is to keep communication channels open and receive the support of parents who are important stakeholders of education system."
Stating that the Ministry has prepared a guide for teachers in order to assist them in their communications with parents in the new term, Selçuk said, "This guide includes parental control in the pandemic and new normal process, approaches to education at home and personal hygiene and social distancing habits and it will help to establish and reinforce communication between teachers, students, parents and school administrations."
Minister Selçuk also expressed his wish to see children to come together in healthy days.

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