President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Minister of National Education Yusuf Tekin attended the 24 November Teachers' Day Program titled "Those Who Built the Century Will Build the Century " held at the Istanbul Congress Center. 

"When we assumed the responsibility to rule the country with our august nation's decision 21 years ago, we put education first among our priorities," said President Erdoğan.
Stating that they have not allowed education to be put on the back burner, no matter what the economic and political circumstances in Türkiye are, the President underlined that they have always allocated the lion's share to education from all the budgets prepared during their governments. President noted that the education budget has increased from 10.3 billion Turkish liras in 2002 to 652 billion Turkish liras today.
Noting that the share set to be allocated to education in the 2024 budget, the parliamentary negotiations of which are currently underway, is planned to be over 1.62 trillion Turkish liras, President Erdoğan said that they have increased the number of classrooms from 343 thousand to 619 thousand. Noting that the number of schools have also increased from 50 thousand to 95 thousand, the President said that they have consolidated the teaching cadre with 800 thousand new appointments. "We are providing education services to 19 million students with 1.203 million teachers, public and private combined, in the 2023-2024 school year," said President Erdoğan.
"We have appointed an average of 40 thousand teachers every year"
Drawing attention to the tangible outcomes of the major investments made in the education infrastructure, President Erdoğan noted that the number of students per classroom was 36 in primary education and 30 in secondary education in 2002. Stating that they have reduced this number to 23 in primary education and 22 in secondary education, the President said the number of students per teacher has also dropped from 28 to 18 in primary education and from 28 to 12 in secondary education. President Erdoğan noted that they have approached the OECD average in the number of students per classroom and teacher. "In the same period, our schooling rate has reached its peak of Republican history in all the stages of education," said the President.
Stressing that the government has always prioritized education not only in budgets but also in appointments, President Erdoğan stated: "80 percent of the teachers currently working at the public sector have been appointed during our governments. We have appointed an average of 40 thousand teachers every year. In May, 45 thousand more teachers will be united with their students. Announcing that they will continue to do whatever is necessary within the limits of needs and capabilities in the future, the President underlined that they will make no concessions from the education of children which they consider as an issue that is of direct concern to their survival and put it above all the political targets. President added that they are open to every kind of inspiring criticism and guiding proposal on this matter.
"We are confident about the future of our precious children and the course of our country."
Minister Yusuf Tekin congratulated Teachers' Day to all teachers who perform their duties in Türkiye and abroad. Tekin expressed his gratitude to everyone, especially President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan for their support on the progress of Türkiye's education community.
Commemorating all the teachers and martyrs, especially the Head Teacher Ghazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, with mercy and gratitude, Minister Tekin drew attention to the meaning and importance of the Teachers' Day "We have a great hope that the thoughts and values symbolized by this meaningful day will contribute to the ideal of the Century of Türkiye, which we believe will be manifested as the age of education" said Minister Tekin. Underlining that the field of education is essentially a field determined by the teacher-student relationship, Minister Tekin said that the basic components that characterize this relationship are our teachers and students first.
Stating that teachers are an actual consciousness that represents the rich acquis of the civilization they belong to in the most competent way and transfers it to other generations, Tekin said that students are potential subjects who create the future of that civilization and carry it to the future.
Stressing that the country's direction in the field of education should be reorganized in accordance with its own civilization values in order to make the Century of Türkiye visible with its goals and results as an ideal corresponding to the second century of the Republic, Minister stated that in order to achieve this, they should meet their own essence by taking into account scientific and universal facts.
Pointing out Türkiye's education cause, Tekin underlined that the essence that forms the basis of this cause expresses a fundamental liberation process that develops within the originality of our historical, social, geographical and cultural codes. Pointing out that Türkiye's cause of education refers to a rich and devoted source of wisdom that is inspired by the past and directs life today and the future, Minister Tekin said that this cause represents the unity of science and wisdom.
"We have a huge army of wisdom"
Stating that their essence is the path of justice and wisdom, Minister Tekin said that they are students responsible for the burden of their own tests on this path. Stating that they have a huge army of wisdom that enlightens their path, Minister Tekin said that they are sure of the future of children and the course of the country in the hands of valuable teachers who build their future by eliminating mistakes and replacing them with truths.
Emphasizing that they have largely completed the lack of financial infrastructure thanks to the great strides they made during President Erdoğan's leadership, Tekin emphasized that they have all the opportunities to produce their own education models with a collective and national education awareness. Emphasizing that they are aware that the Century of Türkiye represents a concrete reality which will be realized in the near future, Minister Tekin stated that, as the army of education, they will continue to serve Türkiye with this awareness and responsibility and to raise children, who are the guarantee of the future, with strong belief, perseverance and determination.
Minister Tekin added that, as the army of education, they will continue to be at the service of Türkiye with this awareness and responsibility, and to raise children, who are the guarantee of the future, with strong faith, perseverance and determination

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